2019/3/29 Banquet@Okazaki

Dr. Yagi and Dr. Yanaka joined the IMS Banquet.

2019/3/27 Business trip@Tokyo

The NINS Directors Meeting at the end of the fiscal year. Otsukaresama deshita!

2019/3/26 Meeting@Okazaki

Tokio and Dr. Sato gave presentations at the Tokai Branch of the Biophysical Society Meeting.

2019/3/25 Graduation day@Nagoya

Congratulations on your graduation from NCU!

2019/3/24 TV coverage@Okazaki

Our space experiment on amyloid formation has just been introduced in a TV program on healthcare of astronauts.

2019/3/23 Meeting@Chiba

Dr. Yagi, Dr. Yanaka, and Rina gave presentations at the 139th Annual Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan.

2019/3/22 Meeting@Nagoya

Dr. Kato gave a invited talk at the third Meeting on Biological Rhythm of Nagoya.

2019/3/18 Farewell party@Okazaki

We had a farewell party for Dr. Kongsema.

2019/3/16 Workshop@Kumatori

Maho joined the 2nd Workshop on Neutron Structural Biology for New Generation.

2019/3/15 Farewell party@Nagoya

We had a farewell party for Yuka, Misaki and Dr. Kongsema.

2019/3/15 Commemorative talk@Nagoya

Dr. Kongsema, Rena, Yuka, Saki, Misaki, Fumiko, Yudai gave the final research reports and thesis research reports.

2019/3/15 Award@Okazaki

Rena was awarded The CSJ Tokai Branch Chair Award. Congratulations!

2019/3/13 Meeting@Yokoham

Saeko joined the Yokoyama NMR research meeting held at Riken.

2019/3/11 Meeting@Nagoya

Rina gave a poster presentation at the First international symposium of Nagoya Immunology Network in NCU.

2019/3/11 Collaborative experiment@Okazaki

Prof.Yohda, Ms. Nakamura, and Ms. Midorikawa(Tokyo Univ. of Agri. and Tech.) visited our lab for collaborative experiment.

2019/3/9 Collaborative discussion@Okazaki

We had collaborative discussion with Dr. Ohtani(Kumamoto University),Dr. Kawano(Kyoto University),Dr. Kinoshita(Kyushu University).

2019/3/7 Collaborative discussion@Okazaki

We had collaborative discussion with JSF staff about space experiments in the International Space Station “Kibo”.

2019/3/6 Lecture@Sagamihara

Prof. Kato gave a talk at ISAS Space Science Colloquium.

2019/3/4 Business trip@Osaka

Prof. Kato participated in the first task force meeting for preparation for international NMR conferences to be held in 2011.

2019/3/4 Collaborative discussion@Kumatori

Enjoyed discussion with Prof. Sugiyama group (Kyoto Univ.).

2019/3/4 Collaborative experiment@Yokohama

Maho performed solid-state NMR experiments in collaboration with Prof. Ishii Group (Tokyo Inst. Tech.).

2019/3/1 Seminar@Kyoto

Maho gave a talk at Bioorganic Research Institute, Suntory Foundation for Life Sciences.

2019/3/1 Commemorative event@Okazaki

Commemorative lecture and party for retirement of Prof. Keiji Imoto.

2019/2/27-28 International exchange@Nagoya

Prof. Kato give a talk at the 3rd NCU-EWHA Joint Symposium.

2019/2/15-16 Get-together@Himaka Island

Enjoyed delicious fugu cuisine with IMS PIs and advisory committee members!

2019/2/13 Meeting@Okazaki

We had an ExCELLS faculty meeting and then enjoyed a lively discussion with PIs on future visions of ExCELLS!

2019/2/12-13 Collaborative experiment@Kumatori

May and Maho performed SAXS experiments in collaboration with Prof. Sugiyama (Kyoto Univ.).

2019/2/8 Collaborative discussion@Okazaki

We had a collaborative discussion with Taiyo Nippon Sanso.

2019/2/7 Discussion@Nagoya

Enjoyed discussion with glycoscientists in Tokai area.

2019/2/7 Discussion@Okazaki

We had collaborative discussion on our project with Astronaut Norishige Kanai (JAXA).

2019/2/1-2 ExCELLS young researcher retreat@Nishio

We joined the ExCELLS young researcher retreat.

2019/1/30-31 Collaborative experiment@Okazaki

Nakane-kun (JAIST) visited our lab for collaborative experiment.

2019/1/30 Master’s thesis presentation@Okazaki

Honda-san presented her master’s thesis.

2019/1/25 Seminar@Tsukuba

Dr. Yanaka gave a talk at The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

2019/1/25 Seminar@Okazaki

Enjoyed excellent talks given by the young scientists invited by our IMS director!

2019/1/18 Collaborative discussion@Okazaki

Had a collaborative discussion with Uchihashi Group and enjoyed a dinner inviting Prof. Akiyama.

2019/1/12 Business trip@Kyoto

Prof. Kato visited Institute of Advance Energy, Kyoto University as an external evaluator and joined a faculty tour.

2019/1/9 New Year’s party@Okazaki

The ExCELLS New Year’s party was very lively with many young participants!

2019/1/8 Workshop@Tokyo

Joined the 5th Workshop on Ordering Molecular Systems at Sumisho Hotel, Tokyo.

2019/1/7 Workshop@Nagoya

Saito-kun and Sasaki-kun performed poster presentations at “The 6th Joint Nagoya Meeting: Future perspectives on structural/functional analyses and molecular design of biomolecules”.

Saito-kun received the Young Scientist Award. Congratulations!

2019/1/4 The first working day of the year@Okazaki→Nagoya

The view of Mt. Fuji from the window in Shinkansen. Even the usual scenery looks fresh at the beginning of the year.

Started with a remote meeting between ExCELLS and NCU staffs.

In the afternoon, Prof. Taisuke Tomita (The University of Tokyo) gave an excellent talk at the seminar organized by Nishida group!

Enjoyed a very pleasant discussion with Profs. Kadomatsu and Kitajima from Nagoya University in the evening.