2018/9/28 Collaborative discussion@Okazaki

Enjoyed collaborative discussion with Prof. Sugiyama and Dr. Morishima (Kyoto University).

2018/9/25 New member@Nagoya

Yamada-san has just joined us. Welcome!

2018/9/24-26 Conference@Kyoto

Drs. Yagi and Yanaka gave a talk at the 91st Annual Meeting of the Japanese Biochemical Society. Dr. Yagi recieved the Young Investigator Award and gave an award lecture.

2018/9/21 ExCELLS seminar and collaborative discussion@Okazaki

Dr. Ken Takai gave an ExCELLS seminar for collaborative discussion.

2018/9/21 New member@Okazaki

Gift from Kasetsart University has just joined us.

2018/9/20 Collaborative experiment@Nagoya

Dr. Yagi performed experiments at Nagoya University.

2018/9/15-17 Conference@Okayama

At The 56th Annual Meeting of the Japan Biophysical Society, Dr. Yanaka gave an invited talk at a symposium and May gave an oral presentation, and Taichiro gave a poster presentation.

2018/9/14 FoS get-together@Tokyo

Participated in a ‘thank-you’ party for Koyasu-sensei.

2018/9/14 Activity Report@Okazaki

Yui gave a last talk about her achievements during her stay in our lab!

2018/9/12 Collaborative discussion@Okazaki

We had collaborative discussion with Dr. Uchihashi group

2018/9/11 Farewell party@Okazaki

We had a farewell party for Yui.

2018/9/9-13 Conference@ Conference@Iława

Dr. Yagi gave an invited lecture at Fourth Polish-Korean Conference on “Protein Folding: Theoretical and Experimental Approaches”.

2018/9/8 Symposium@Osaka

Prof. Kato gave a talk at the 1st Symposium of Development of Science Fields
Based on Bio-analysis Forum, the Society for Biotechnology, Japan.
(A snapshot at the get-together.)

2018/9/7 Experiments@Seto

Dr. Satoh and Umezawa-san performed X-ray diffraction experiments at Aichi Synchrotoron.

2018/9/6 The 15th Forum of the Glycoscience Base for Chubu@Shizuoka

Rena and Tatsuya gave an poster presentation at the 15th Forum of the Glycoscience Base for Chubu.

Rena recieved the Young Scientist award. Congratulations!

2018/9/3-4 Conference@Tsukuba

At The 27th Annual Meeting of the Bioimaging Society, Dr. Yagi gave an invited talk at a symposium and Saki gave an poster presentation.

2018/8/31 Business trip@Tottori

Dr. Yagi visited Prof. Tamura at Tottori University.

2018/8/30 Thesis presentation@Okazaki

May-san has finished her oral defense for master degree.

2018/8/29 Site visit@Okazaki

Officers from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology visited ExCELLS.

2018/8/28-30 Meeting@Sendai

Participated in the 37th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Carbohydrate Research.
Saito-kun gave an talk and Dr. Suzuki and Honda-san presented a poster.
Prof. Kato acted as chairman, symposium organizer, and panelist.

2018/8/27-30 The 58th Summer School for Young Scientist in Biophysics@Gifu

Rina attended the summer school as a staff member.

2018/8/16 Collaborative discussion@Okazaki

We had a collaborative discussion with Dr. Watanabe, who has just started working at ExCELLS.

2018/8/10 Space experiment@Okazaki

Our amyloid samples has just arrived at our lab after space experiment!

2018/8/8 External experiment@Osaka

Rina is preforming an external experiment at Osaka University.

2018/8/7-10 Summer internship@Okazaki

Abe-san enjoyed her stay in our lab.

2018/8/6 Collaborative discussion@Okazaki

We had a collaborative discussion at Okazaki.

2018/8/4-6 Meeting@Kure

Dr. Yanaka and Yasuhiro attended 19th Young NMR Scientist Meeting.

2018/8/4 Fireworks festival@Okazaki

Beautiful fireworks in Okazaki!

2018/8/4 Conference@Sendai

Prof. Kato gave an invited talk at ICCC2018.

2018/8/3 Experiments@Seto

Dr. Satoh and Umezawa-san performed X-ray diffraction experiments at Aichi Synchrotoron.

2018/8/2 Seminar@Okazaki

The 2nd ExCELLS seminar was delivered by Dr. Ryuji Kawano from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

2018/7/27 Lab seminar@Nagoya

The joint lab seminar was held in NCU. Our ExCELLS and NCU lab members presented their research progresses in English!

2018/7/26 Collaborative experiment@Nagoya

Dr. Yanaka is performing experiments at Nagoya University.

2018/7/20 BBQ party@Okazaki

We enjoyed BBQ party as ExCELLS joint event.

2018/7/20 Space experiment@Tsukuba

The 2nd space experiment has just finished.

2018/7/12 Collaborative discussion@Okazaki

We had a collaborative discussion at Okazaki.

2018/7/12 Collaborative discussion@Kyoto

Prof. Sugiyama (Kyoto Univ.) organized the meeting for collaborative researches at Kyoto Univ.

2018/7/12 Our vivitor@Nagoya

Dr. Yamaguchi (RIKEN) gave a lecture at Nagoya City University.

2018/7/10 Young Scientists Forum@Okazaki

The Young Scientists Forum 2018 was successful!
Dr. Yagi gave a talk and Dr. Yanaka chaired the discussion session.

Taiki won the poster prize at the Young Scientists Forum 2018.

2018/7/8-11 Meeting@Okazaki

We hosted the Frontier Bioorganization Forum 2018.
The event was successful!

2018/7/4 Business trip@Tachikawa

Prof. Kato visited Profs. Hiroyuki Enomoto and Satoshi Imura at National Institute of Polar Research.

Enjoyed interesting exhibits in Polar Science Museum.

2018/7/2 Seminar@Okazaki

Enjoyed the 1st ExCELLS Seminar delivered by Dr. Satoshi Toda from UCSF.