2017/12/30 Space experiment@Tsukuba

We visited JAXA, where we ascertained that the space experiment by Astronaut Norishige Kanai was going smoothly.
This is the last working day of the year. Have a great new year!

2017/12/28 Space experiment@Tsukuba

Our space experiment on amyloid formation has started in the International Space Station “Kibo”!

Prof. Kato is watching over the experimental work conducted by Astronaut Norishige Kanai. (Photo courtesy of JAXA)

A commemorative photo with the logo of our Amyloid experiment. (Photo courtesy of JAXA)

2017/12/27 Collaborative discussion@Okazaki

We had a collaborative discussion with Prof. Uchihashi’s group (Nagoya Univ.).

2017/12/27 OG visit@Okazaki

Our alumna, Michiko Nakano (IMS) visited us for her farewell greeting.

2017/12/26-27 Workshop@Nara

We joined the 2nd Workshop on Ordering Molecular Systems.

Enjoyed discussion on membranes until late at night.

2017/12/25 Collaborative experiment@Okazaki

Nakane-kun (JAIST) visited our lab for collaborative experiment.

2017/12/21 Collaborative discussion@Nagoya

We had collaborative discussion with Dr. Onitsuka (Tokushima Univ.).

2017/12/19-21 Collaborative experiment@Kumatori

Yasuhiro performed SAXS experiments in collaboration with Prof. Sugiyama (Kyoto Univ.).

2017/12/19 Lectures@Kagoshima

Prof. Kato gave lectures at Kagoshima University.

Warmfully hosted by Prof. Yuji Ito’s lab members.

2017/12/16 OG visit@Nagoya

Our alumna, Ms. Suzuki (PMDA) gave a lecture at an NCU career support meeting.

2017/12/15 Our visitor@Okazaki

Dr. Chikako Shirataki (Natural History Museum –Sea of Life-) visited our lab.

2017/12/14 Lab seminar&End-of-year party@Okazaki

The last lab seminar in 2017 was held in Okazaki. Our OIIB and NCU lab members presented their research progresses in English.

After the seminar, we enjoyed an End-of-year party at Higashi-Okazaki!

2017/12/12 Collaborative discussion@Kyoto

We enjoyed collaborative discussion with Dr. Takai (JAMSTEC), Dr. Imachi (JAMSTEC), and Dr. Nakagawa (Kyoto Univ.) at Seifuso Villa.

2017/12/8-9 Collaborative experiment@Tsukuba

Yasuhiro performed SAXS experiments in collaboration with Prof. Sugiyama (Kyoto Univ.) at Photon Factory.

2017/12/6-14 Overseas experiments@Taipei

Taiki performed mass spectrometric experiments at Dr. Khoo’s lab in Academia Sinica.

2017/12/6-9 Conference@Kobe

Dr. Yagi organized a special workshop and gave a talk at ConBio2017.

2017/11/29 Our visitor@Okazaki

Dr. Torizawa (Chugai Phar., Co., LTD.) visited our lab.

2017/11/28-29 Workshop@Okazaki

We joined NIPS Workshop 2017 “High-Resolution Single Particles Analysis of Proteins by Cryo-electron Microscopy”.

2017/11/28 Conference@Hamamatsu

Dr. Satoh gave an invited talk at the 46th Japanese Conference on Crystal Growth.

2017/11/27 Symposium@Okazaki

The OIIB final symposium was a great success!

2017/11/26 Conference@Suzuka

Hiroki and Yuka gave an oral presentation at The Tokai Branch Meeting of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan.

Yuka recieved the Best Presentation Award. Congratulations!

2017/11/23 Graduation thesis presentation@Nagoya

Takayuki and Hiroki gave a presentation on their graduation thesis.

2017/11/21 Welcome party@Kanayama

We had a party to welcome the Fumiko and Yudai.

2017/11/21 Collaborative experiment@Okazaki

We have just sent our samples to NASA toward space experiments in the International Space Station “Kibo”.

2017/11/20 X-ray diffraction experiments@Tsukuba

Dr. Satoh and Taichiro perfomred X-ray diffraction experiments at Photon Factory.

2017/11/16-17 International exchange@Seoul

Prof. Kato and Dr. Satoh visited Ewha Womans University (Seoul) for international exchange.

2017/11/15 Symposium@Tokyo

Attended Commemorative Symposium on the 25th anniversary of Mizutani Foundation for Glycoscience.

2017/11/14-16 Conference@Hachioji

Dr. Kato and Dr. Yanaka gave a presentation at the 56th Annual Meeting of the Nuclear
Magnetic Resonance Society of Japan

2017/11/14 Ceremony@Okazaki

Joined the heartwarming retirement party for Suzui-san.

2017/11/13 External evaluation@Okazaki

Dr. Benjamin List (Max Planck Institut für Kohlenforschung) visited Yamate Campus for IMS external evaluation.

2017/11/11 Conference@Toyoake

At the 14th Forum of the Glycoscience base for Chubu, Takayuki gave an oral presentation and Taiki and Tokio gave poster presentation.

2017/11/10 Happy Hour@Okazaki

Enjoyed a happy hour this evening! We served “ODEN” this time.

2017/11/9-10 Collaborative experiment@Okazaki

We successfully finished sample preparation with the JAXA and JSF staffs toward space experiments in the International Space Station “Kibo”.

There’s nothing like a cold beer after a long day’s work!

2017/11/9 Collaborative discussion@Nagoya

We had collaborative discussion with Dr. Kamiya (Nagoya Univ.).

2017/11/7-9 The 4th Young Scientist Meeting on “Dynamical ordering and integrated functions”@ Kaga Onsen

This meeting was a huge success having so many participants!

With the poster-award winners.

Yasuhiro was awarded as the best discusser.

2017/11/7 Fire drill@Nagoya

Had a fire drill at our Tanabe-dori Campus.

2017/11/6 Collaborative discussion@Tsukuba

We had collaborative discussion with the JAXA and JSF staffs toward space experiments in the International Space Station “Kibo”.

2017/11/1 Promotion@Okazaki

Dr. Saeko Yanaka has been promoted to Assistant Professor at IMS.

2017/10/30-31 Visit@Pathum & Bangkok

Prof. Kato visited and gave talks at NANOTEC and Chulalongkorn University.

2017/10/27 Commemoration@Okazaki

We celebrated Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi, Honorary Professor Emeritus of the National Institutes of Natural Sciences.

2017/10/27 Award@Nagoya

Dr. Yagi received the Award for publication from Nagoya City University President.

2017/10/25 Collaborative discussion@Shinagawa

We had a collaborative discussion with Prof. Kamikubo (NAIST).

2017/10/21 University festival@Nagoya

We served cinnamon churros at the university festival.

2017/10/19-21 Collaborative work@Nagoya

We are performing experiments in collaboration with Dr. Ken Morishima (Kyoto Univ.).

2017/10/15-17 Conference@Tainan

Prof. Kato gave an invited talk at 2017 Taiwan-Japan Biomedical Symposium on Magenetic Resonance.

2017/10/6 X-ray diffraction experiment@Koto

Dr. Satoh and Taichiro perfomred X-ray diffraction experiments at SPring-8.

2017/10/5 Meeting@Tokyo

Dr. Yagi attended kickoff meeting of Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, “Organelle zone”.

2017/10/4-5 Conference@Tokyo

Dr. Yagi attended TOGO2017 symposium.